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Educate your kids half price

If you have children in primary or secondary school, and are eligible for Family Tax Benefit (Part A), you can claim 50% of your eligible education spending back from the Tax Office.

Please make mention of the word “refund”. This is not a “deduction”, which is much, much better (i.e. worth more). A refund means you literally will get back half of what you spend (there are limits though!).

R Leong Co Educate Your Kids at half the priceCommon expenses you can claim include:

Computers, lap-tops, printers, USB drives, ink cartridges, etc;

Internet connection, and fees;

Software, including internet security software;

Textbooks, learning materials, stationery; and

Prescribed trade tools.

Expenses you cannot claim include school fees, uniforms, excursions, musical/sporting equipment, library fees, tutoring fees, tuck shop spending, transport.

The maximum refund you can claim for each secondary student is $750 (i.e. for $1500 worth of expenditure), and $375 for each primary student (i.e. for $750 worth of expenditure).

Don’t worry if you’ve spent more than the limit. You can claim the excess in the next year, provided you’re still eligible.

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Roland has more than two decades experience as a professional accountant, business and financial adviser, including Australian Taxation Office experience. He has also presented in a number seminars, appeared on radio, and is a published commentator for a number of industry publications.

Roland holds a Bachelor of Economics (Syd), and also holds the designations of Chartered Accountant, CPA, and Financial Planning Specialist.

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